painted scenarios in black and white acrylic featuring a dog in a veterinary  collar


Megaphone Yawn, 2015, Dog Studies, Medical Collar Series, acrylic on canvas, 24" x 36", Elizabeth Lisa Petrulis ($600. available though Arts Illiana outreach gallery at Corporate Square, Terre Haute, IN, call 812-235-5007)
“Megaphone Yawn” is one of the first compositions in which I used three values of primer to demarcate space and intensify contrasts. Dino’s curved collar accentuates his yawn (or is it a howl?). Doug, with ear pricked up, hears but gazes beyond the picture frame.
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See a video showing the  development of “Megaphone”. And another showing the process and development of “Ghost”.   Read a little more about Dino’s accident.   Back to main page for Portfolios.


DINO was hit by a car and his tail was eventually removed. These paintings were inspired by the medical collar designed to keep him from fiddling with the injury.

The collar seemed to amplify the intimate interactions between our dogs. It tickled me, generating imaginary conversations between the dogs in my head.


Medical Collar Series