Akimbo depicts a cat looking up from a seated grooming position. Legs projecting in every which direction. Painted by Elizabeth Lisa Petrulis.
Doug, tongue down, ear up, twists to look in this goofy portrait of a Black Lab/Great Pyrenees mix. Painted by Elizabeth Lisa Petrulis.
A felt tip pen drawing of two chihuahuas. A scruffy tuxedo, bearded, chihuahua steps forward as a short haired recumbent dog looks over his shoulder from behind. Artist Elizabeth Lisa Petrulis.
Black and white painting of two dogs, one seen only by the tip of its nose through his medical collar.
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INSPIRED by pets and rescued creatures Elizabeth (Lisa) Petrulis paints companion portraits.

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Ms. Petrulis shares a studio and home in rural Marshall, Illinois with her husband and the current studio muse Kitten Caboodle.

INQUIRE about Lisa’s art and services,  or e-mail  lisa@elizabethpetrulis.com  Read a detailed biography.   Read about and see the Portfolios.

Some Recent Exhibitions

  • Small Art 2018, Arts Illiana Gallery, Terre Haute, IN (Bill Wolfe Juror), November 2, 2018 – January 18, 2019
  • Fruitridge Festival of the Arts, group show in the John Laska Memorial Gallery, First Unitarian Universalist Congregation, Terre Haute, IN, September 28- October 20, 2018
  •  Year of the Dog: Elizabeth Petrulis, Arts Illiana outreach gallery at Corporate Square, Terre Haute, IN, June 14 –  December 13, 2018

    An open two story lobby with black and white paintings for the exhibition "Year of the Dog: Elizabeth Lisa Petrulis" installed in Arts Illiana Outreach gallery at Corporate Square,Terre Haute, IN, mid June – mid November, 2018
    Year of the Dog: Elizabeth Lisa Petrulis            installed at Corporate Square