Dog Studies Portfolios

Dog Studies are organized into several themed series, each with its own portfolio page.

      Chihuahua,         Cat,          Medical Collar,          Limb,          Max,          Original             (click on a series title, below the pictures, to open the portfolio.)

I’m a bit introverted and perhaps that’s why I am drawn to animals, nature and art. I can experience them in silence with no awkwardness.

Looking at animals, and creating art, are both life enhancing. The activities transport a person into the present, relieve stress, and deliver joy.

The first models for this body of work were my own four dogs and two cats. After the last of the six passed on, a seventh, Kitten Caboodle, mysteriously appeared… but that’s another story.

These portraits are tributes to the profound impact that pets play in our daily lives and are memorials to beloved family members that have passed. The simplified pallet of black, white and grey asserts the elegance of the animal form. The intimate views that isolate familiar (and sometimes quirky) shapes, and the telling space between companions, yield refreshing impressions of our cherished beasts.

My Husband and I are taking a break from large scale pet rearing and so now I paint the pets of others. Perhaps yours?