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high contrast intimate portrait of woman and cat in black and white, woman looking forward, cat in profle

Elizabeth Lisa Petrulis, Self Portrait with Boo in profile (Family Portrait Series), 2016, acrylic on paper, 10″ x 8″

SHORT BIO Recently, Elizabeth Lisa Petrulis left the museum world (after 20 years) to rekindle her own art making.

She is drawing on an MFA earned in studio art and is involved, in the community, with a public sculpture organization,  and animal rescues. She also gives artists talks, and officiates for juried art exhibitions.

Ms. Petrulis lives in rural Marshall, Illinois with her husband, and rescued pets, who inspire her paintings.

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Read the Dog Studies Artist’s Statement.
See the Dog Studies Portfolios.

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or e-mail  lisa@elizabethpetrulis.com

Read about Lisa in “Dog Days” by Steve Kash (photos Jessica Bolton) in Terre Haute Living, May 2014, p 45-49

Pages 44 and 45 from Terre Haute Living Magazine, May 2014. Showing text "Dog Days" by Steve Kash, and images, by Jessica Bolton, of Elizabeth Petrulis and her paintings on the walls of Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.

Terre Haute Living, May 2014, page 44-45

“What makes Petrulis’ art particularly impressive is how well she has succeeded in taking her work so far beyond the tried and true realm of animal cuteness. Viewers might even come away from the exhibit feeling that she is revealing the indwelling architecture of dogs’ souls via her portrayal of them in striking poses and juxtapositions on canvas and paper.”

– Steve Kash, “Dog Days”, Terre Haute Living, Terre Haute, IN, May 2014: p 45


NOW and THEN (Experience)

Intimate self portrait close up of faces showing both anoyed cat and human, black and white acrylic on black ground.

Me and the Rascal II (Family Portrait Series, 2017, acrylic on paper, 8″ x 10″

Elizabeth Lisa Petrulis is reentering the art world as an independent artist after two decades working at the Swope Art Museum in Terre Haute, Indiana.

There Petrulis held challenging positions as preparator, registrar, and curator, but felt her identity as an artist slipping away. Nevertheless she gained valuable experience with presentation, preservation, documentation, promotion, politics, all sorts of people, and countless works of art.

HOME (Location)

In rural Marshall, Illinois, near the spot where the Wabash River begins to divide the states of Illinois and Indiana, Lisa shares a home (and studio) with her husband, Boodle the cat, and the occasional uninvited critter. Sadly the original cat and dog models for her paintings have passed from old age.

EDUCATION (Credentials)

Ms. Petrulis was nurtured in a family of musicians but was drawn to the visual arts.

She earned an MFA, emphasizing painting and sculpture, from Indiana State University in 1991,

and a BS, in theater, emphasizing costume design, in 1983, (also from ISU, in Terre Haute.)

Previously, Ms. Petrulis attended Washington University School of Fine Art, in St Louis, on a Fred Conway Scholarship. (There, she was introduced to multimedia which led her to theater.)

Much later she completed the collections care core program at Campbell Center for Historic Preservation Studies, in Mt. Carroll, IL.


On occasion Petrulis leaves the crop fields and wooded creeks to venture into civilization.

In the community, Elizabeth Lisa Petrulis serves on the site selection committee of Art Spaces, Inc.-Wabash Valley Outdoor Sculpture Collection, where she previously served on the Board of Directors. She is a member of Gaslight Art Colony, a local non profit, which hosts exhibitions and classes; and Arts Illiana, an arts agency in Terre Haute, IN.

Photo of Elizabeth Lisa Petrulis in front of draped easel and withthe three dogs Sadie, Dino, and Mookie.

Elizabeth Lisa Petrulis in the studio, 2013, with Sadie, Dino, and Mookie.

Petrulis also gives artists talks,
and officiates juried art exhibitions.

Finally, along with her husband, she has rescued several cats and dogs, thus contributing to both the safety of the streets, and the livelihood of a local veterinarian. These rescues unintentionally inspired her own art; leading to her current bodies of work Dog Studies, and Family Portraits.

Inquire about Lisa’s art and services,
or e-mail  lisa@elizabethpetrulis.com

Read her Dog Studies Artist’s Statement.  
See the Dog Studies Portfolios.

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