pet portraits featuring faces or extensions


Josie, 2022, acrylic on canvas, 8x10”, Elizabeth Lisa Petrulis (Commissioned for the collection Matt & Bonnie Stanton Urbana, Illinois)
Josie is a white Papillon dog with luxurious fluff.
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overhead view of two dogs sleeping facing each other featuring their legs and noses
graceful front view of a horse bowing forward over crossed front legs with sharp afternoon shadows branching from the hooves

IN 2018 I began working on a smaller scale and focused more on faces. The first five portraits featured tongues as seen below.

Five dog tongue paintings won the People’s Choice Award in the small art 2018 exhibition at Arts Illiana in Terre Haute, Indiana.

5 Petrulis dog tongue portraits on display in small art 2018 show in the Arts Illiana Gallery in Terre Haute, IN.
“Dog Tongues” installed in small art 2018 at Arts Illiana, Terre Haute, IN

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First Limb Series