The artist stands in front of a 4-foot square drawing of horses in progress.
selfie with drawing in progress “Binary Star” about 4-foot square


Using the same acrylic markers as my quick draws, these large scale drawings take quite a lot longer to complete, as layers of lines slowly build up over days and days.

HAND/EYE (seeing)

Close up and close cropped is the limited way I see. I guess. Whenever I begin to draw or paint the objects always expand out of their preconceived boundaries. It’s an impossible effort to deflate them. This myopic view, without larger context, without background details, without history, makes for cleanly defined and digestible bits of reality. Or what passes for… present time… comfort.


But this vision is also due to my interest in interchangeable “positive and negative” in a composition, in shapes formed by inserting false boarders which forces an interaction of background and foreground which creates a lack of hierarchy between the shapes on Spot and the shapes between Spot and Socks. (OK, well, at least that is the aspiration.)


Because when you back up, the vista of swirling emotions and ideas and politics and stark realities – the universe – becomes too immense, too overwhelming, too serious and stifling, you zoom in.

You zoom in to an intimate momentary solace of warm fur. Comfort of an animal friend. Scribbled lines. A happy place.

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