Horses outweigh us by intimidating amounts, and yet somehow represent a delicate romanticism in our culture.

Horse Shadows, 2019, black and white acrylic on canvas, 16 x 20”, Elizabeth Lisa Petrulis
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Horse imagery confronts us viscerally with palpable power balanced on fragile bones.

I confess as a youngster I fantasized about horses but never quite felt comfortable with them (even after riding lessons).

In August 2018 I spent a few hours, with my camera, embedded in the herd at Peacefield Equine Sanctuary in Terre Haute, Indiana. Elizabeth Lorenzen’s easy relationship with her gentle giants engendered in me a confidence I had not felt before. The photographs, supplemented with others taken in my own neighborhood, have resulted in these paintings.

There are unfinished paintings currently on the easel.
In the meantime check out horses with their humans on the Family Portraits page. Or watch a video of Horse Shadows in progress.

Thirty percent of my proceeds from each of these paintings will benefit Peacefield Equine Sanctuary.

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