WORKS IN PROGRESS: Horse Shadows (midway)

Video Stats

a still from a progress video showing Elizabeth Lisa Petrulis painting "Horse Shadows"

The below live action video lasts less than 34 seconds but represents 25 minutes of work in the studio (through the miracle of editing and accelerated motion).

Also Shown

Though I cut out a lot, I added a couple of gratuitous pictures of my new hairdo in front of my tasty green studio door. I also added some wider angle stills of my studio wall easels to give you an idea of my work space. (My husband, Ned Tennis, built the easels -thank you very much.)

Time Factors

The video starts at the midway point of progress for this painting (tentatively titled Horse Shadows). Up to this point, I think I have worked on it for about 4 days, ½ to 3 hours at a time (but over the course of 18 days). In between there is a lot of looking, not looking (to get fresh perspective) and working on other paintings. (Not to mention out of the studio stuff like editing this video post.)

To see the actual speed of paint strokes watch the 27 seconds clip below the first video.


Not shown in either video is the paint mixing, brush cleaning…and just general scrutinizing, because that would be tedious, or I didn’t get it on camera (your choice)… (maybe next time).

Your Turn

What else would you like to see from me? I’d love to know. Write it in the comments!

For another post with real time and sped up time see “Rosie Quick Draw (videos)”. For other progress videos see Megaphone and Ghost from the Medical Collar series, and another horse painting in this blog post Watch a commission develop! To see this painting and other horses check out the Horse portfolio, Rounds and Reflections, and for some horses with their people check out the Family Portrait Portfolio.

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