Orbs, balls, circular, elemental, water, reflections, repetitions, distortions, color.

Cosmic Kit Boy, 2023, acrylic on board, 14" x 11", Elizabeth Lisa Petrulis
Painted portrait of a Siamese cat in a half orb and reaching out to touch another orb. The atmosphere, and each orb, swirls with flowing marbled paint.
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For more equine images see HORSES and for horses with people see FAMILY PORTRAITS. Find another collaged group portrait “Cat Pile Up” in FACES n LIMBS. For earlier iterations of the circular form see MEDICAL COLLAR SERIES. And for large drawings see SLOW DRAW ROUNDS. See a process video and more information for Cosmic Kit Boy Here.

Megaphone yawn, black and white acrylic on canvas, 2015, 24 x 36”, Elizabeth Lisa Petrulis
Medical Collar Series
“Constellation,” 2022, acrylic paint pens on paper, @48” square, Elizabeth Lisa Petrulis
Slow Draw Rounds

ROUNDS and Reflections started with simply wanting to add a toy ball into the composition.  While developing designs the ball morphed, changed sizes, and organically wanted to reflect. The ball became celestial.

Then water and color came next from a reference photo originally chosen only for the dog with ball. But the water was so beautiful and primal. It also offered another surface for reflection and begged for different paint handling.

What I’m saying is everything is not planned out at the start; the method is a combination of intention, experimentation, accident, and new intentions. Rinse and repeat.

I’m just following the muse.

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Medical Collar Series

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