The name of our first dog was inspired by a Gary Larson “far side” cartoon featuring a man peeking around a tree in a fenced yard, and a sales man at the gate looking at a sign that reads “Beware of Doug”* (My husband’s idea.)

* I am not posting the cartoon here in respect for Larson’s copyright and wishes. As stated in this link.

We stumbled upon Doug, abandoned, full of ticks, and in the pre-adolescent stage of his life. He grew to look and sound intimidating, yet, of all our pack, he was the most outgoing. But with passive aggressive strategies he managed to thwart my efforts to get him in the car, or head home after a walk in the woods, often by just not moving his formidable body. An oxymoron, perfect for my “Dog Study” paintings.

Doug, a black dog with white muzzle, chest and feet, stands and howls.

Doug got schooled a couple of times, by a cat and a horse, but mostly he did the schooling with the other dogs (except for Sadie.) While training, he taught me about confidence, body language, and patience.  

Scents lead his nose, often to indecent places. Sounds triggered his unique vocalizations. I will miss singing along with the howling sessions he and Mookie enjoyed.

Paintings featuring Doug:

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Doug, 2018, B&W acrylic on canvas,
6" x 6", Elizabeth Lisa Petrulis

Doug speaks 1, c.2008,
black acrylic on paper, 12" x 9",
Elizabeth Lisa Petrulis

Doug speaks 2, c.2008,
black acrylic on paper, 12" x 9",
Elizabeth Lisa Petrulis

Absorbed, 2020, B&W acrylic on canvas,
16" x 36", Elizabeth Lisa Petrulis

Ears, c. 2009,
black acrylic on paper,
12" x 9", Elizabet Lisa Petrulis

Merge, c.2009,
black acrylic on paper,
9" x 12", Elizabeth Lisa Petrulis

Dance, 2013, black acrylic on panel,
20" x 29 ¾”, Elizabeth Lisa Petrulis

On The Road, 2013, black acrylic on canvas,
24" x 30", Elizabeth Lisa Petrulis

Sadie licking Doug , c.2009,
black acrylic on paper,
12" x 9", Elizabeth Lisa Petrulis,
(Private Collection)

Ghost, 2015 re 2017, B&W acrylic on canvas,
30" x 24", Elizabeth Lisa Petrulis

Megaphone yawn, 2015,
B&W acrylic on canvas,
24 x 36”, Elizabeth Lisa Petrulis

Megaphone 2 (with cat bites by Boodle), 2015,
B&W acrylic on paper, 9" x 12”,
Elizabeth Lisa Petrulis

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My husband (Ned Tennis) wrote his obituary January, 29, 2013

Doug (aka Dug) came into our lives 6/20/99 (Father’s Day). We took the dirt road home that day on a whim. Doug had been dumped and was sitting on a pile of trash 2 miles from the nearest house (ours) on a dusty road that gets perhaps a few cars per day if any. Some cowardly person’s selfish act was our gain. He was nothing but a joy. (Even when he swallowed the bunny rabbit (one chomp) after I told him to drop it.) He was the 95 pound alpha dog and went from Heaven on Earth at our house to Heaven in the sky yesterday. It’s not the same and never will be. RIP, my good boy.

Dark Dogs in the tan and yellow leaf littered woods of fall 2009.
Doug (and Mookie) in the woods fall 2009

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