layering with a knife

Strawberry & Gilbert a colorfuland textured knife painting of sibling tuxedo cats

Here is a brief stop motion showing the accumulation of knifed on paint layers. The painting is a commissioned pet portrait: Strawberry & Gilbert, 2022, acrylic on board, 11” x 14”, Elizabeth Lisa Petrulis (Collection of Smith-Brown Family, MA). For the double portrait the clients shared photos on the internet. After reviewing several photos of … Read more


strife, dog studies, high contrast black and white acrylic cat painting on paper, elizabeth lisa petrulis

Dog Studies, Strife, black acrylic on 12″ x 9″ paper, 2013, Elizabeth Lisa Petrulis (Private Collection, Springport, IN)

Strife was often the end game of a play session between these two cats. Several people have used the term “Yin and Yang” to discuss these paintings. Topper and Lucy certainly had opposite (though not always complimentary) temperaments.

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