layering with a knife

Here is a brief stop motion showing the accumulation of knifed on paint layers. The painting is a commissioned pet portrait:

Strawberry & Gilbert, 2022, acrylic on board, 11” x 14”, Elizabeth Lisa Petrulis (Collection of Smith-Brown Family, MA).

For the double portrait the clients shared photos on the internet. After reviewing several photos of the tuxedo cats sitting side by side, and some of the individual cats, I presented a few designs from select images that I cropped and cleaned up.

The clients chose this composition that I collaged together from two separate reference photos of the individual cats. We worked together to further refine the size difference between the cats.

Strawberry & Gilbert are a pair of feline siblings that grew up alongside the human siblings of the family.

More about commissions. More knife paintings. Another brief stop motion. Another post about preparatory drawings (in color). And finally, to see some of the quick draw warm-ups I drew preceding starting the painting see below the video.

Most of my quick draws up until this point have been drawn with acrylic paint pens but I decided to get back to pencil for these.

quick pencil caricature drawing of two cats
warm up quick draw 3/27/22 (strawberry & gilbert), layout pencil on paper, 11″ x 14″, Elizabeth Lisa Petrulis
pencil drawing tuxedo tabby cat
quick draw 3/29/22 (Gilbert), pencil on paper, 14″ x 11″, Elizabeth Lisa Petrulis

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