A SHORT SHOW & TELL on VARIATIONS part 1: Mark Making & Seeing

Felt tip pen drawing of a recumbent fluffy white dog. Grey with white and black accents. Artist Elizabeth Lisa Petrulis.

Variations on Butterscotch (Drawings) When I first got my new paint pens I made three quick drawings from the same reference photo. (Thanks, Kathy Hsiao, for the photo of Butterscotch.) I really got a thrill. The pens reminded how much I love to draw. Making these variations, I was merely getting a feel for the pens … Read more

Doug speaks 1

Doug speaks 1, Dog Studies, high contrast black acrylic painting, Elizabeth Lisa Petrulis

Dog Studies, Doug speaks 1, black acrylic on prepared 12″ x 9″ paper, c.2008, Elizabeth Lisa Petrulis

My focus on shapes, edges of shapes, and negative space all started with this white patch on Doug’s chest.

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