The Chicken House Studio Part 1: the beginnings


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Humid buggy air loitered in the holes where windows and doors once were. The corrugated tin roof was leaky, rusted, and layered over spongy asphalt shingles. On the cobwebbed inside, feathers stuck to chicken wire and translucent snake skins hung … Continue reading

Works in progress: Horse Shadows (midway)


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Video Stats The below live action video lasts less than 34 seconds but represents 25 minutes of work in the studio (through the miracle of editing and accelerated motion). Also Shown Though I cut out a lot, I added a … Continue reading

Studio cat temporarily banned from studio!


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Boodle, the studio cat, is attracted to paper and boxes like a magnet to iron. You can imagine the havoc this plays in the studio. Unfortunately an attitude of entitlement has developed and forced me to ban her when I … Continue reading

Working on the Studio


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Sometimes it’s necessary to work ON and AROUND the studio instead of IN the studio. Here are two recent projects: A few days ago, during a hard rain storm,  this wonderful, shady, wonky, cat climbing tree just fell to the side of the … Continue reading