SEE “GHOST” PROGRESS from start to finish.

Black and white acrylic painting of three dogs, one seen through a translucent medical collar. A close up of 3 faces two in profile one straight forward.

See the painting Ghost, from the Medical Collar Series, progress from photos to finished painting.The video below uses stop motion or stills to show my process from composing with reference photos through drawing and layering paint. Today I do most of the photo manipulation digitally. And I have a much better camera. Since the painting … Read more

Sidetracked designing a CD cover (or not every artist is a graphic designer)

updated, official CD cover for Nedtones Vol. 1
updated, official CD cover for Nedtones Vol. 1
The official CD cover for Nedtones Vol. 1


In high school, in the days of audio vinyl, a lot of arty kids fantasized about creating cover art for rock and roll albums.

I wasn’t one of them.

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Chihuahua Legs, a new old painting

black and white painting of two Chihuahuas. One pawing at the face of the other.
Petrulis Chihuahua paintings, featuring chihuahua Legs center, on display at Gaslight Art Colony
Chihuahua Legs on view in my solo show at Gaslight Art Colony 2015.

I don’t know why I didn’t share Chihuahua Legs earlier .Doubt? Procrastination? It’s already been seen in public.    Is it done? I don’t know. I think so. Mostly.   Ok, so while I was editing I added just a smidge more paint. A new old painting.

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Dance, Dog Studies, high contrast acrylic painting of two dogs by Elizabeth Lisa Petrulis

Dog Studies, Dance, black acrylic on prepared wood panel, 2013
20″ x 29 ¾” x 1 ¼”, Elizabeth Lisa Petrulis

I painted this before realizing I needed a smooth surface. My focus was on the intriguing shapes and negative space created as Doug and Mookie negotiated next steps in their dance-like relationship.

See and read more about the Original Series.