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Postcard for the Exhibition "Relative Effect" featuring artwork by Elizabeth Lisa Petrulis, Sarah Joy Petrulis, and Beth Berolzheimer at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Terre Haute, IN, September 1- December 18, 2020

Works of art by three women related by blood and marriage.

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COVID-19 UPDATE:  Due to the current pandemic restrictions on in person visits to Rose-Hulman and the unpredictability of future policies we offer an online tour of the exhibition put together by Rose Curator Christy Brinkman-Robertson.

(For on site tours please call Christy to make an appointment and learn about Covid protocols 812-877-8523)
The exhibition is on the first and second floor hallways of Moench Hall,
Rose-Hulman Institute of Techology, 5500 Wabash Avenue, Terre Haute,  Indiana  47803-3999

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How to buy

For the duration of the exhibition you can purchase my contributions in this new online shop.
Due to timing I cannot guarantee delivery of shipped items in time for the holidays. However I will send a placeholder with image and information about your painting or drawing.


For inquiries about the artworks of Sarah Petrulis or Beth Berolzheimer contact Rose-Hulman Curator Christy Brinkman-Robertson at


You know those people who can’t get enough of babies? That’s me with animals. I’ve been known to spontaneously shout out “DOG” when I see one; it’s embarrassing when a human is walking by thinking I meant them.

I use a high contrast pallet to set off the elegance, peculiarities, and dynamics of body shapes. Posture discloses so much as it activates the spaces around and between. 

The paintings evolve into mysterious situations that I did not plan (though I am meticulous with composition). While painting subtle shifts in line or value, even small tweaks in an eye can change an expression, the mood, and what it implies.

These intimate slices-of-life or fantasy reveal character and hint at memory and anecdote as they honor our interspecies bonds.

Horse portrait featuring an exaggerated swished tail as the horse walks away toward a mercurial ball. White horse on grey ground.

I’m HONORED to report Fan Tail is now part of the Rose-Hulman Permanent Art Collection.

The show made news in the Terre Haute Tribune-Star.

Horse paintings by Elizabeth Lisa petrulis installed at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology 2020
Horse paintings by Elizabeth Lisa Petrulis installed at Rose-Hulman 2020

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