Boodle, the studio cat, is attracted to paper and boxes like a magnet to iron. You can imagine the havoc this plays in the studio.

Orange studio cat Boodle sitting in a Dick Blick art supply shipping box and the brown wrapping paper that cushioned the supplies.
Boo staking her claim.

Unfortunately an attitude of entitlement has developed and forced me to ban her when I pack or unpack paintings.

The delicious crackle of dry fibers, the devious darkness of cubed board, entices her like a dog to stink.

I admit this predicament is my own doing. For Her Majesty’s amusement we offer the cardboard and newspapers bound for the recycling bin.

The situation has imposed a hyper vigilance about papers on horizontal surfaces. For sure as day she senses their presence and seeks to lay claim with love bites and smothering gyrations or just a weighty fuzzy sit.

Intimate self portrait close up of faces showing both anoyed cat and human, black and white acrylic on black ground.
Me and the Rascal II (Family Portrait Series) 2017, Elizabeth Petrulis, acrylic on paper, 8″ x 10″

What a Diva! But Oh but she brings such entertainment and companionship.

Read about the disaster that befell Boodle’s favoriteĀ tree. Hummm she does like the cellulose. Read about the beginnings of the studio.

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